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When: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Harbord Diggers

Harbord Diggers has a long history of supporting live entertainment on the Beaches. Over the recent COVID-19 related closures and restrictions, the arts and entertainment industry have been one of the worst affected.

By supporting the local music community you are helping it grow. You will also be discovering original music and the talented people behind the craft.

Local Acts performing at Harbord Diggers every Friday, Saturday and Sunday


3rd December Seani Marchetti: 6pm - 9pm
10th December Vale Du: 6pm - 9pm
17th December Seani Marchetti: 6pm - 9pm
24th December Adam Katz Duo: 6pm - 9 pm

4th December Gavin Rimmer 1pm - 4pm, The Bayfields 4pm - 7pm, DJ Cam Adams 7pm - 10pm
11th December Luke St James 1pm - 4pm, Adrian Joseph Duo 4pm - 7pm, DJ Tim Boffa 7pm - 10pm
18th December Kyle Maguire 1pm - 4pm, Seani Marchetti 4pm - 7pm, DJ Alex Mac 7pm - 10pm

5th December Kyle Maguire 12pm - 3pm + Uncle Jed 3pm - 6pm
12th December Steve Tonge 12pm - 3pm + Club Sol Duo 3pm - 6pm
19th December Luke St James 12pm - 3pm + Uncle Jed 3pm - 6pm
26th December Adrian Jospeph Duo 12pm - 3pm + Felicity Robinson Duo 3pm - 6pm

Harbord Diggers


88 Evans St, Freshwater, NSW, 2096


Opening Hours

Sunday: 7:30-2:00
Monday: 7:30-2:00
Tuesday: 7:30-2:00
Wednesday: 7:30-2:00
Thursday: 7:30-2:00
Friday: 7:30-4:00
Saturday: 7:30-4:00


88 Evans Street, Freshwater, NSW, 2096

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