Breakfast & Lunch at The Tasting Deck

Forestway Fresh

Enjoy breakfast and lunch at The Tasting Deck at Forestway Fresh.

Our sun-drenched outdoor deck provides the perfect setting for our customers and fellow food aficionados to enjoy a taste of Forestway.

Enjoy an early morning breakkie or a power lunch, even treat the kids to some afternoon tea. Us being the foodies we are we made sure we tasted everything on the menu, we had to try a few things twice… just to be sure!

The Tasting Deck kitchen also produces fresh salads daily for the Forestway Salad bar as well as an array of cakes and pastries for our Dessert bar not to mention the fresh ready meals and condiments that you can find right throughout the store.

Our executive Chef is more than happy to assist with any catering requirements or even share some cooking tips whilst you’re in the store.

Hours 7:00-16:30 everyday

Forestway Fresh


2 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills, NSW, 2084

Opening Hours

Sunday: 6:00-18:00
Monday: 6:00-19:30
Tuesday: 6:00-19:30
Wednesday: 6:00-19:30
Thursday: 6:00-19:30
Friday: 6:00-19:30
Saturday: 6:00-18:00

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