Art Exhibittion - Towards The Light

Art Exhibittion - Towards The Light

Date: From 08-04-2020 to 19-04-2020

Time: 11:00

Willoughby Council

An exhibition of painting and drawing by Paulina Kazarinov

From figurative to fanciful, Paulina Kazarinov’s painting and drawing captures romance and the imaginary contained within reality.  Her exhibition presents a wide range of subject matter imbued with Kazarinov’s wonder at mystery within the every day. She creates in various mediums; oil, watercolour, graphite and ink. Her work is a representational exploration of the world around her and all the mysteries it contains. Where others might see shadows, Kazarinov sees angels in hiding, lorikeets at play within a cat's eye and the shades of the sunset in a rusty old bucket. Her world is a tapestry of ever changing colours, capturing her feelings of amazement of life's miracles and wonders.

This art exhibit is proudly supported by the Willoughby Council.

Cost: Free

Willoughby Council


Level 4, 31 Victor Street, Chatswood, NSW, 2057

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