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Meet Ben, the managing director behind the new online grocery delivery business taking the Northern Beaches by storm. With free next day delivery, low prices on a wide range of supermarket goods and exceptional service on the agenda, it’s a no-brainer to give this brand a whirl. 

So tell us Ben, why did you decide to start Pretty Green Supermarket?

We first started out by launching an online gift business of small-batch Australian goodies back in 2019 to help out small producers. From there we recognised the demand for fast and free delivery of weekly groceries and fresh local produce. I realised I could make a much bigger impact on sustainability and supporting local farmers by shaking up the supermarket industry. 

So we went ahead and created an online supermarket app! Sustainability is a big driving force behind Pretty Green - especially in our operations. We focus on lowering carbon emissions, reducing food waste, reducing unfair trading and reducing paper and plastic usage.

 Can you tell us more about the benefits you offer?

Unlike every other supermarket right now, we’re offering all your supermarket products, at low prices and guaranteed free next day delivery on all of our orders. Basically how it works is that you choose a 2 hour time slot on our app. One of our drivers will text you 15 minutes before arrival to reduce the customer's wait time even further. Usually our drivers will come inside and help you unpack your groceries from our reusable box - we’ve actually allocated 10 minutes of this delivery time so that our drivers can have a chat with our customer. However in the current climate, our procedure is Covid-Safe and contactless which means we leave the reusable box outside your front door, wait for you to unpack and collect the box at the end.

What are your hopes for Pretty Green?

One of our main mantras is Chew Today, Change Tomorrow. It’s all about doing what we can for today, to build a better tomorrow. For example, today we carbon offset our delivery vans but in the future with ongoing support, we want to one day have a fleet of electric vans. In fact, we just bought our first electric van! I hope that we can continue to meet our sustainability goals so that we can keep helping make Australia a little more Pretty and a lot more Green.

Want free next day delivery on your next supermarket shop? Use the code PENINSULALIVING at checkout for 10% off.

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