The Secret Science to Becoming One of Australia’s Top Property Investors


Less than 9 per cent of Australians are property investors

The fact is, of Australia’s 2.1 million property investors, 71% own just one investment property and a further 19% own just two. A miniscule 0.8% of investors (or 0.065% of Australians) own 5 investment properties. Over 62% of people who negatively gear their investment property have taxable incomes of $80,000 or less and only 13 per cent have incomes greater than $200,000.

So, in reality, those investing in property and using negative gearing are simply aspirational every-day Australians who are keen to build a more secure future for themselves and their families.

What does it take to be in this top 0.8 per cent of investors?

The thing is, most people could safely own five investment properties over their lifetime. The main issue holding people back is a lack of financial education and advice. 

There is a science to property investment, it is NOT guess work. Understanding this science reduces the risk of investing and increases your chances of choosing a property with great growth and rental returns vs. a property with poor or negative growth and low rental returns, which in turn allows you to acquire more property, faster and more safely. Those who are amongst the minority of property investors that own three or more investment properties definitely haven’t got there by luck or guesswork!

Key elements to property investment success

1 Learn before you ‘do’

You can’t make informed decisions about investing unless you’re armed with all the facts. Before you think about investing, you must first get educated. Ideally, attend a personalised session with a reputable Property Investment Advisor who can give you a solid understanding of what is possible for you and help set some important goals and intentions.

2 Integrated property investment and mortgage advice is powerful.  

It is empowering to have a team of advisers that can show you how to:

a. Build and use equity to safely and effectively invest in additional properties and create cash reserves over time without needing to use your savings;

b. Identify positive cashflow high-growth properties. This is not Sydney for the next six years.  Other markets are forecast to grow by 70 - 100 per cent with high rental returns while Sydney is only forecast to grow by around 20 per cent while having very low rental returns;

c. Understand, minimise and manage risk, while also minimising opportunity cost;

d. Safely be in a position to retire 10 - 20 years earlier than the vast majority of the working population whilst living a much better lifestyle along the way.


3 Research is key to success - When Sydney slows, others GROW…

Good research that is well presented will help you understand that all property markets have roughly a seven year boom of 80 - 100 per cent growth with good rental returns, followed by a small correction, then a seven year period of very poor growth called a plateau with about 0 - 20 per cent growth and low rental returns. However, most market cycles occur at different times, so while Sydney is at the start of its plateau cycle, other markets like Brisbane and Canberra for example are just starting a boom and have net rental returns of 70 - 200 per cent higher than Sydney. 

What does success feel like? Empowered, supported and confident.

Success is not just a destination, it is a great journey...

We have helped hundreds of clients safely build great investment property portfolios over nearly twenty years.  Most clients start with their first investment property then usually build enough equity and cash flow to invest in additional properties roughly every two years.  Most of our clients that started their property investment journey with us about 15 years ago have increased their portfolios by 10 - 20 times safely in that time while enjoying a better lifestyle than they otherwise would.

This has helped them feel far more in control of their financial security and future and allowed them to fund things such as better education for themselves and their children, holidays and general well being

An invitation to get started

inSynergy’s personalised property investment strategy and planning workshops, ongoing advice and support will teach you how to safely build a high-performance property portfolio, optimise your cash-flow and plan for your future security. If you’d like to be amongst the small minority of Australians with a safe, high-performance investment property portfolio, please get in touch, we’d love to help you get there.

There is a science, it’s NOT guess work.

Understanding how to build a property portfolio safely is incredibly empowering and we love helping our clients achieve that feeling and the results that come with it.

Example 1: Fletcher NSW Houses - 12 month growth 28%

Example 2: Wynnum QLD Houses - 12 month growth 15%

Believe it or not, inSynergy can teach most of what you need to know in around 5 hours...

What we’ve achieved we never thought possible

“We have been clients of inSynergy for almost a decade. By proactively monitoring our investment portfolio and leveraging dormant equity, inSynergy has helped us to purchase 6 investment properties to date. inSynergy has strong relationships with property developers, financial institutions and legal firms, and uses these relationships to identify investments with strong growth potential, arrange financing and purchase property as part of a comprehensive service. What we have achieved with inSynergy in a relatively short period of time we would have not have considered possible only a few short years ago.”

Anthony & Kristin

We now have no un-answered questions

“We have been looking at getting an investment property for sometime but, wanted to make sure we made the right decision of where and when. Richard and his team are definitely the ‘go to’ people to answer ALL questions, they are the experts hands down! 

After meeting with Richard & Raj, we now have no un-answered questions and feel confident to make our purchases. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking at an investment property (even if they believe they are not ready yet) to go and see inSynergy and the team - they really do know their stuff!”

Danika & Dale

The workshop was the pivotal point

“We’ve started our investment portfolio journey and couldn’t have achieved what we have without the expert knowledge and advice from the inSynergy team. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure we understood everything before going ahead and since then it’s been an exciting ride that’s setting up our future for us. The workshop was the pivotal point where we could see everything mapped out in a way that gave us complete clarity and assurance. They truly care about getting the best outcomes for us.”

Emma & James

To talk to an expert about setting up a safe, high-performance investment property portfolio and effectively structuring your finance contact us on 1300 425 595 or email

Manly Headquarters

Mezzanine, Suite 3, 22 Darley Rd,

Manly. Ph 1300 425 595

Richard Sheppard

Founder and Chief Property Investment Advisor, Richard Sheppard is the driving force behind inSynergy and has essentially developed a science of optimising investment returns from property whilst minimising risk. His passion for educating investors to be able to make informed decisions about property investment has driven a culture of knowledgeable, confident clients with a portfolio of proven assets.

Important Note and Warning: This information must not be taken as financial advice. This is general information only and you should seek out relevant and independent professional advice before making a financial decision.


Richard Sheppard

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