Dive in to the Pittwater Ocean Swim Series



Throw on your swimmers this summer and take the plunge into a refreshing ocean swim with five locations to choose from in this year’s iconic event. 

Oceanfit are supporting the Pittwater Open Swim Series, with the Newport Pool to Peak Ocean Swim kicking off the year on 2 January and Avalon Beach Ocean Swim finishing off the season on 27 March.

With a range of different swims for people to tackle, there is something for everyone, whether you consider yourself a professional Olympic-level swimmer or just like to have a paddle and take in the beautiful scenery. 

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Ocean Swim Series, Peninsula Living spoke with John Guthrie who is one of the organisers behind the event. 

“A few of us got together to talk about a series to try and get people to come to Pittwater in January, because there’s a lot of areas to visit. There’s lots of restaurants and cafés,” John recalls. 

The Pittwater local says in pre-COVID times, people would travel far and wide to attend this event, not only from all around Australia but all around the world. 

This wet and wonderful event, supported by Northern Beaches Council, sees all proceeds go towards new lifesaving equipment for Pittwater. 

“The funds for all of the swims go towards surf lifesaving gear as its pretty expensive,” John explains. 

“A lot of people do ocean swimming, apart from the fitness side of it, as it is very good for you mentally. It’s a bit like meditation.

“People come out of the water and say, ‘I feel so good, I feel tired but feel good.’” 

The event will be run by around 100 volunteers, assisting with a variety of roles on sand, land and in the sea. 

“Pool swimming is great for building fitness and working on your technique. The shorter ocean courses give newcomers the opportunity to build their confidence before tackling the longer distances. Of course, some of the experienced people use the shorter swims as a warm-up. So, there’s something for everyone,” John adds.

Andre Slade, Oceanfit’s director, says the swim training program is thrilled to be supporting the Pittwater event. 

“We are delighted to be supporting the Pittwater Ocean Swim Series as it provides well organised ocean swims by local surf clubs in one of Australia’s most picturesque regions,” Mr Slade said.

“Ocean swimming is a challenging sport which is growing rapidly in popularity. It is a wonderful way to meet with like-minded people and sample what different beaches have to offer.”

Swimmers who complete four of the five ocean swims will go into a draw to win a Whitsundays Islands Tour donated by Oceanfit, valued at $1,995. This is a fully guided, all-inclusive swim tour including five ocean swims, guided island walks, accommodation, freshly prepared meals, snorkelling and much more.

The winner, and an array of other prizes, will be announced shortly after the Avalon swim. 

If you would like to enter the Pittwater Ocean Swim Series, then head to oceanswims.com. Don’t forget your swimmers!

Pittwater Ocean Swim Series dates:
January 2- Newport Pool to Peak Ocean Swim
Jan 16 - Bilgola ‘Billy’ Swim
Jan 23 - Mona Vale Ocean Swim
Jan 30 - Big Swim: Palm to Whale Beach
March 27 - Avalon Beach Ocean swim

Jess Clarke, Journalist, Peninsula Living Magazine

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