Pandemic takes its toll on expectant mums



The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on all facets of life, and the effects felt by expectant mothers are no exception.

Research conducted by local not-for-profit the Gidget Foundation Australia revealed that 39 per cent of expectant mothers reported a negative impact on their mental health.

Meanwhile, 43 per cent have struggled with the lack of support available because of lockdown measures.

Expectant mum, Jodie Matthews, is all too familiar with these issues.

“I try and make sure I still go for a walk every day to get fresh air, but I’m still nervous of the risks of being exposed to too many people right now.

“I have been avoiding going to the supermarket or anywhere indoors where I might be exposed to the virus,” she said.

Gidget Foundation CEO, Arabella Gibson, said the results were not at all surprising.

“It is tragic that many women will have to look back on their experience of being pregnant and remember the masks, sitting alone in waiting rooms, and not being able to have visitors come visit them and meet their new bundles of joy.

“These might sound like trivial things, but psychologically, it’s not the pregnancy experience that women will have envisioned, and that can be hard to accept.”

Jess Clarke, Journalist, Peninsula Living Magazine

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