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Over the last few years, North Shore artist Patrick Hunter has certainly been making a name for himself.

Working under the moniker ‘Inkhunter’, the young creative has created murals and all kinds of outdoor artworks focused on environmental issues that have been featured across the Northern Beaches.

Growing up in Roseville, he always had talent and aptitude for art and plenty of creative energy – as well as a strong family connection. It always seemed that this would be his destiny.

“I’ve been lucky to grow up with art being so important in my family,” Patrick tells North Shore Living.

“It was always something I had a close connection with and something I enjoyed doing as a kid.

“I was never the best student and I had trouble focusing at school.

“So, to have that outlet and now to make it my job, and a way of making a living out of it, is so great.”

Not satisfied with simply creating impressive artwork displayed across Northern Sydney, the man behind ‘Inkhunter’ is also doing his bit for the environment with his project, ‘Plastic Free Beaches’.

In a similar vein to a good chunk of Patrick’s work, ‘Plastic Free Beaches’ is focused on using art to educate the community about pollution, specifically on our beaches, and to spark meaningful change in this space.

Through this project, he frequently collaborates with other local artists for artworks that are close to his heart, and he hopes they grab people’s attention.

Our beaches and oceans are some of the most polluted natural environments and this often leads to the disturbance of sea creatures’ habitats.

“I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to look after our planet,” Patrick says when asked how he feels about the precarious state of our natural environment.

“We have this sort of culture of ‘blind consumption’ that really harms our planet.

“A recent example is the single-use surgical masks. I don’t think we realise what we are doing to our home with this constant consumption.

“That’s what really motivated me to get involved with ‘Plastic Free Beaches’.”

Patrick has been commissioned to paint large murals and other pieces of art by Northern Beaches Council and local organisations. His work has been featured at Manly Beach, The Corso and North Narrabeen.

The young artist also counts many local environmental groups as supporters, including not-for-profit the Surfrider Foundation, along with Member for Manly, James Griffin.

He has even put his hand up to paint a mural protesting the controversial PEP11 licence for offshore gas drilling between the Northern Beaches and Newcastle.

“I’d like to see everyone getting together to have a meaningful discussion to hopefully create some change, because whatever we are doing now, it is not working,” Patrick says. 

And he has some simple tips everyone could follow to ensure we are minimising the waste that ends up in landfill or polluting our beautiful beaches, parks and outdoor spaces.

“People don’t realise how easy it is, I think. Reusing bottles for drinking water, remembering to bring your reusable bags to do the grocery shop and selecting vegetables that aren’t completely covered in plastic – just little things like that can make a difference.”

You can take a look Patrick’s impressive suite of work at his social media accounts ‘Inkhunter’ and ‘Plastic Free Beaches’.

David Shilovsky, Intern, North Shore Living Magazine

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