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Northern Beaches Council is expected to extend its waiving of all outdoor dining and merchandise fees until 31 December, as businesses battle the financial impact of the July COVID-19 lockdown.

Mayor Michael Regan told Council the extension was necessary to assist local businesses that had just begun recovering from the Christmas/New Year lockdown when the most recent outbreak hit.

“Our priority has always been to ensure our local businesses are supported,” he said.

“Even if restrictions ease, there will be impacts such as physical distancing and restriction of numbers that will impact our businesses community.”

The impact of such fee waiving on Council’s budget for the March to June quarter was more than $330,000, with funds redirected from capital and operational expenditure.

It is expected continuing the waiving of outdoor dining fees until 31 December will cost Council another $660,000.

Stephanie Aikins, News Editor, Peninsula Living Magazine

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