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North Sydney residents could benefit from a brand new bin service within a few short months, with Council mapping out the logistics to offer food waste pick-up. 

At the request of Mayor Jilly Gibson, Council is currently investigating options to divert the significant amount of food waste that goes to landfill.

A recent audit of the area’s bins found that, on average, 40 per cent of the red bin contents was comprised of food waste. 

“It’s not exclusive to North Sydney. This waste issue is happening right across the Sydney region, but I’m proud to lead a Council that is willing to take action on this issue,” says Mayor Jilly Gibson.

She tells North Shore Living she envisions a near future where residents will be able to request a food waste bin for their area or apartment block from Council via a specially created app.

“One house might not have enough food waste for its own bin, but what I see is an apartment block or several neighbours getting together and having a shared bin that would be placed in an accessible place.”

The collected food waste will then be transferred to a processing centre in Camelia, Western Sydney, where it will be turned into compost. 

“I hope that by proposing shared bins, we can foster a sense of unity and community,” Mayor Gibson adds.

“It will be like a little food waste cooperative!”

Up until October 2019, North Sydney Council paid to have household waste separated so that food scraps and other compostable material could be turned into a compost-like product for landscaping.

However, following a State Government ban on the re-use of compost-like product, all residential red bin waste has been sent to landfill. 

Mayor Gibson predicts the service could be on offer to residents on a trial basis as early as mid this year.

Stephanie Aikins, Journalist, North Shore Living Magazine

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