When is a lily not a lily?



Growing to a height of about 40 centimetres and spreading up to 50 centimetres wide, the Daylily (Hemerocallis ‘On and On’) forms a mound of soft, weeping, mid-green foliage.

Throughout summer and autumn, this Daylily displays a continuous stream of large,  apricot-coloured blooms.

Grow this hardy perennial in a sunny spot in organic-enriched, well-draining soil.  Mass-planted in the garden, it makes a stunning groundcover or an informal edging along garden beds and pathways.

Planted in premium-grade potting mix in large containers, this beauty is perfect for balconies and courtyards and around swimming pools.

Daylilies are easy to maintain. No pruning is necessary, but removing old blooms encourages further flowering and an application of slow-release fertiliser in spring  stimulates healthy growth.

The gorgeous, apricot blooms of this Daylily team well with plantings of Society Garlic (Tulbaghia‘Border Stars’)and Agastache (Agastache ‘Lemon Fiesta’).


Top gardening tips for October

•    Plant summer vegetable seedlings, such as tomatoes, carrots and beetroot.  Apply some organic fertiliser to encourage vigorous growth.When planting tomatoes, choose a spot where tomatoes have not grown for at least five years.

•    Enjoy growing and eating your own potatoes.  Plant some certified, disease-free seed potatoes in a sunny, open spot in well-drained, fertile soil.  The time to harvest your crop is one month after the flowers have finished.

•    Give Australian native shrubs, such as waxflower, tea-tree and bottlebrush a light trim after flowering to maintain an attractive shape.  Feed native plants with a low phosphorous fertiliser.

•    Check azaleas for signs of azalea lace bug indicated by light mottling on the upper surface of the leaves and small, black deposits on the underside. Prune off and dispose of affected foliage where possible, then spray with a low-toxic pesticide.

What’s on?
Plant propagation workshop:This is a hands-on workshop where you will experience the satisfaction and pleasure of learning the many methods of propagating plants, including cuttings, division, layering and grafting. Grow perennials, shrubs and trees, including fuchsias, frangipanis, hydrangeas, lavenders, roses and camellias - perfect Christmas presents. Plants and comprehensive notes are provided. 10am to 4pm, October 7, Mosman Community College. Phone 9968 4000.

Backyard beekeeping workshop:  Would you like to harvest your own honey?  It’s easy to have a few hives and then let the bees do most of the work for you.  Learn everything you need to know about bees, the equipment needed and how much honey you can expect. Honey tasting and comprehensive notes are provided. 10am to 4pm, October 27, Mosman Community College. Phone 9968 4000.


Judith Sleijpen

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