Sweetheat Yellow



Viola ‘Sweetheat Yellow’ is a low growing, compact perennial, reaching about 20 centimetres in height and spreading up to 50 centimetres wide.  

From mid-winter to spring it displays masses of fragrant, brilliant yellow flowers with some blooms continuing into autumn.

It prefers a sunny spot in moist, organic-enriched, well-draining soil, and benefits from an application of mulch to retain moisture during dry periods.

‘Sweetheat Yellow’ looks stunning mass planted as an ornamental border display and adds a delightful highlight in rockeries and small garden areas. 

Growing in premium grade potting mix in a decorative container or hanging basket, it adds cheer to a balcony or courtyard. 

This little beauty is easy to maintain.  Simply prune during late summer to retain a neat appearance and encourage further blooming and apply a slow release fertiliser in spring.  

Top gardening tips for July

  • Plant some spring-flowering annuals, such as calendulas, polyanthus and wallflowers to add interest and colour in your garden and fertilise fortnightly with a soluble fertiliser.  
  • Feed emerging spring-flowering bulbs with a fertiliser high in phosphorous and potassium to promote beautiful blooms.  
  • Feed citrus trees with a specially formulated fertiliser and harvest the fruit, as needed. Always cut the fruit from the branch – never pull. Watch out for citrus leaf miner (squiggly lines on the leaves) and spray with EcoOil fortnightly.

What’s on?

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Judith Sleijpen is an experienced horticulturist, columnist and garden designer, advising clients on all aspects of their gardens. For more information, phone 9907 6460.

Judith Sleijpen, Contributor, Peninsula Living Magazine

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